Parades [Public Space Mediation] with BOMBOÉMIA - Percussion Group of Minho University

10:30-11:30 (Gathering 10:00) | Alameda da República - Rua Direita - Largo 1º de Maio
Opening Parade with Bomboémia Percussion Group from Universidade do Minho

16:30-19:00 | Historical Center, Alvor and Riverside Area
Awareness and Proximity Action Parade with Bomboémia Percussion Group from the University of Minho;
16:30-17:00 – Historical Center, Garden 1º de Dezembro | 17:30-18:00 - Alvor | 18.30-19:00 - Riverside Area

BOMBOÉMIA - Percussion Group of Minho University (traditional Portuguese and Brazilian percussion)

They appeared in 2004, during a restructuring of the University Group of Zés Pereiras, Gigantones and Cabeçudos. They are currently part of ARCUM - Associação Recreativa e Cultural Universitária do Minho and cherish the dissemination of Portuguese and academic popular traditions. They have 15 years of cultural activity, and an unconditional and cross-cultural passion for PERCUSSION, embracing from the most historical rhythms to the youngest and most energetic. They seek to mirror the interaction between people through music, pairing the youth and energy of Latin cultures with the improved rhythms of the old continent. The piercing sound of the peals, rattles and surdos merges with the power of bass drums, toms and snare drums, creating a unique musical identity. Since its creation, the group has organized several events such as: FUMP (University Festival of Popular Music); the FUAP (University Festival of Performing Arts); several Minho festivals and Brazilian parties. More recently, he joined a new project, of which he is the founder, precursor, promoter and organizer of the Festival "Do Bira ao Samba". A festival that unites, fuses and celebrates Portuguese and Brazilian traditions and culture, already having great grandeur and importance in the city of Braga and that for two days fills the historic center with color, joy and animation.


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