African Percussion Workshop with Sérgio Almeida

All things are rhythm!

Here in this workshop, it is through Djembé that we explore the rhythm of life in the form of music, the cadence that involves us through Traditional Afro Mandingue Percussion, the one that is intrinsically linked to everyday life, to the knowledge of agriculture, hunting or fishing, that tells us stories of the past and of daily life. These instruments are talking and their method is simple, since it consists in applying words to rhythm and they merge creating a harmony. Each participant will have a percussion instrument (Djembé) that will be accompanied by the Dununs (a set of three instruments) to learn in a dynamic, relaxed and didactic way the language of traditional rhythm, its technique and its approach through oral tradition. Its benefits are enormous from coordination, synchronization, concentration, tuning or harmony to meditation or relaxation, but all these moments are filled with pure magic and joy.

SÉRGIO ALMEIDA (afro traditional percussion)

Sérgio Almeida is, since 2006, an extra-curricular teacher of Musical expression, certified by the Regional Directorate of Education with CAP, in the Municipality of Loulé. He is a Afro Mandingue percussion teacher, trainer at Aldeia Djembe Camp in Proença a Nova 2018/22, at International Percussion Festivals such as the one in Portimão 2015/16/17 organized by the Academia de Música de Lagos, in 2018 at the Conservatory of Évora and in Reguengos de Monsaraz and in 2019 at the Percurtir Festival at the Conservatory of Arts in Loures. He is a rhythmic Instruction teacher with the Stompitos project at the Mãe Soberana Loulé school with children from 6 to 10, in the Sementinhas de Som project, in the Akreditar Project of the António Aleixo Foundation and with adolescents from the Family Support Service of CM Loulé, carried out insertion work through of his project Education through Art with Ethnicities in Quarteira. He promotes regular classes in traditional percussion and its language in Faro, Tavira and Silves and in the artistic activities of the “Férias para todos” of CMLoulé and CMOlhão. He organizes percussion orchestra activities in Team Building and is the main mentor of the Rhakatta project. e organiza actividades de orquestra de percussão em Team Building e Drum Circles e é o principal mentor do projecto Rhakatta.

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