Traditional Portuguese Percussion Workshop with Tiago Manuel Soares
[Adufe & Trancanholas]

The purpose of this workshop is the technical and elementary musical work of one of the iconic instruments of Portuguese culture: the adufe. We will work on the instrument's handle (point of balance between hands), the three basic strokes and the best mechanism to execute them. In a second phase the workshop will focus on the musical work of two traditional rhythmic patterns, in 2/4 and 3/4, over traditional Portuguese melodies. In the two hours of the workshop, it is intended that the trainees have a basic knowledge of the context of the instrument and its musical potentialities, both in the traditional and contemporary universe.

Tiago Manuel Soares

Born in 1989 in Porto. He completed the interpretation course at the ACE in 2007 and began his training as a musician in 2003, in a traditional Galician percussion course with Maria Xosé Lopez Vilar and in 2019 he finished a degree in classical percussion, at the University of Minho, with Nuno Aroso. He held several masterclasses with big names on the international scene such as Trilok Gurtu, Yshai Afterman, Pandit Kishore Banerjee, Filippo Lattanzi, Mark Braafhart among many others. His main musical motivation lies in portuguese rhythms and instruments. Fascinated by this richness of heritage, he gives equal importance to the vast legacy left to us, as well as to the construction of new approaches, where the study in the erudite strand and the knowledge of different cultures of the world helped him to open new horizons and possibilities. As a result of this symbiosis between different universes, he premiered, in recital, four pieces (by the composers Fernando Lapa and ngela da Ponte), interpreting works written purposely for himself and strongly inspired by the traditional portuguese songbook; one of these works, "Ensaio sobre Cantos IV", by ngela da Ponte, was one of the first two pieces for adufe and electronics to be created and edited. As a trainer, he teaches at the Limina school (contemporary percussion research center, under the direction of percussionist Nuno Aroso) and at the Cardo-Amarelo school (traditional music school). This year he is doing research for a book, which will be published with the support of DGARTES, about the musical culture of the Zés Pereiras between Douro and Minho. So far, he has published 20 albums and highlights his participation in the groups/artists Mário Lúcio e os Kriols, Gisela João, Viola Popular, Manuel Maio, Ensemble Portingaloise, Maria Monda, Retimbrar, Projeto Cardo, Pé na Terra, Toque de Caixa , Gambuzinos, Senza, Orchestra of the University of Minho and Orchestra Without Borders. ​He has performed in several countries all over Europe ( Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Spain), Africa (South Africa, Reunion Islands, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde and Morocco), Asia (China, India, Dubai) and Oceania (East Timor).


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