Online Talk: “Contemporary Percussion in Portugal: Creation, Programming, Mediation”

On the 5th of September, there will be a kick-off event of the second edition of DPP - Dias da Percussion Portimão 2022 with an online conversation about “Contemporary Percussion in Portugal: Creation, Programming, Mediation”. This year, the panel of speakers are the national and international percussion artists and composers as well as programmers and producers who work in the field of contemporary percussion, with the aim of discussing together on the issues around this musical genre in Portugal.

Diana Ferreira, artistic director FIP - Itinerant Percussion Festival
Luiz Ferreira, artist DPP'22 / Simantra Percussion Group [PT]
Luis Figueiredo, commissioned composer and artist DPP'22
Sérgio Almeida, DPP’22 teacher DPP’22
Tiago Ferreira, artistic director FIPA - North Percussion Festival, Amarante

Vasco Ramalho e Daniela Tomaz [ Artistic Direction DPP’22 ]

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