Opening Concert
Release of the CD “Mil Pedaços” Traditional Portuguese Music Revisited

Simantra Grupo de Percussão + Luís Figueiredo
Guest: Tiago Manuel Soares [adufe]

  • Place: Grand Auditorium TEMPO
  • Date: FRIDAY, 9TH SEPTEMBER . 21h00
  • 60’/ > 6 years old / Ticket Prices: 5,00 €

This project is the result of a partnership between Simantra Percussion Group and the Pianist and Composer Luís Figueiredo. A unique work that will allow the public a new vision of the traditional Portuguese songbook and the rediscovery of Traditional Portuguese music. The concert includes songs from several Portuguese regions, from Trás-os-Montes to the Algarve, and from Beira Alta, Beira Baixa and Alentejo. Work songs, novels, lullabies and other genres, as well as popular music by José Afonso, Fausto Bordalo Dias and Sérgio Godinho. The great challenge of this project is to communicate the collective references we have of Portuguese traditional and popular music, while at the same time building pieces with an idiomatic language of erudite percussion. It combines written and improvised music, uses resources associated with writing for a big band, and a timbrical vocabulary that results from the exploration of the countless possibilities offered by the universe of percussion. Harmonically, an approach easily identifiable with jazz is latent. This desire, now realized, promotes the appreciation of the rich Portuguese musical culture, crossing the vectors of various musical practices.


Simantra Grupo de Percussão:
Andrés Pérez, Leandro Teixeira, Luiz Ferreira, Ricardo Monteiro: percussion
Luís Figueiredo: piano & arrangements
Tiago Manuel Soares: adufe


- Al Gharb, work commissioned by the festival DPP’22 with the participation of Tiago Manuel Soares (adufe)
- Estando Eu À Minha Porta, tradicional de Trás-os-Montes
- Farrapeira, tradicional da Beira Baixa
- Mil Pedaços, Sérgio Godinho
- Lembra-me Um Sonho Lindo, Fausto Bordalo Dias
- Senhora Santa Combinha, tradicional da Beira Alta
- Ai De Mim Tanta Laranja, tradicional do Alentejo
- José Embala O Menino, tradicional da Beira Baixa
- Oh! Que Calma Vai Caindo, tradicional da Beira Baixa
- Laurinda, Linda, Linda, tradicional do Algarve
- Senhor Arcanjo, José Afonso
- Macelada, tradicional da Beira Baixa


For adufe, percussion quartet and piano
Luís Figueiredo 2022

"Al-Gharb" is the Arabic word on the origin of "Algarve" and it means "the west". The full expression was Al-Gharb Al-Andalus and it literally meant "Western Andalusia", a region that corresponded to the current Algarve and part of Baixo Alentejo.

The conception of this music work is deeply connected to the context of the premiere. Foreseeing its first performance in Portimão, integrated in a program of traditional and popular Portuguese music, this piece intends to be a reference to the Algarve and its history, as well as to Portugal as a whole, as the westernmost country of continental Europe. I decided to adopt a musical language that could reference a traditional Portuguese imaginary, while at the same time offering testimony to that ancestry in Arab and Moorish culture. The adufe itself, the solo instrument in the commission, has its origin there (al-duff), although the exact details of its introduction in the Iberian Peninsula seem unclear. In the context of this instrumentation, in which the human voice is absent, the adufe does not play an accompanying role to singing or dancing, as it traditionally does in Portugal and other places. Thus, I sought to create a musical context with great prominence of the rhythmic element to explore the different possibilities of the instrument. I hope this piece does it justice and can offer a small contribution to the enrichment of its musical practice.

Al-Gharb is dedicated to percussionist Tiago Manuel Soares and is the result of a generous commission from Dias da Percussão de Portimão in its 2022 edition.”

Al-Gharb is dedicated to percussionist Tiago Soares and is the result of a generous commission from Dias da Percussão de Portimão in its 2022 edition.
Luís Figueiredo

Simantra Percussion Group

The Simantra Percussion Group was born out of the need to organize a group of studies and interpretive practices aimed at performing written music for percussion in the 20th and 21st centuries. Functioning as an artistic laboratory, it also aims at the interaction of different artistic expressions with contemporary music. Its mission is to enhance and perform the Portuguese and foreign percussive repertoire, performing premieres, first auditions and commissioning works. Over these 11 years of activity, the group had the opportunity to play in several national and international festivals, such as Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture, Spring Festival, Autumn Festivals, Cistermusica, Musicalvão, Tomarimbando, Patagonia International Percussion Festival (ARG), Villahermosa International Festival of Marimbists and Percussionists (MEX) or IPEW 19 (CRO). They accompanied several international soloists such as Kuniko Kato (JAP), Katarzyna Mycka (POL), Ching Chen Lin (TWA), Ludwig Albert (BEL) or Mark Ford (USA). Premiered and commissioned works by Evgueni Zoudilkine, Hugo Correia, Carlos Alberto Augusto, Nuno Leal or Jorge Salgueiro. Internationally awarded, the group won first place at CIMCA 2011 - superior category.


Luis Figeiredo

Luís Figueiredo is a pianist, composer, arranger and a music producer. He was born in Coimbra in 1979. He studied piano at the Coimbra Music Conservatory and later at the University of Aveiro and the Hot Clube de Portugal, in Lisbon. He studied with Vitali Dotsenko, Mário Laginha, António Chagas Rosa and Filipe Melo, among others. He released his first author album in 2010 (Manhã, JACC Records). He worked and/or recorded with Cristina Branco, Bruno Pedroso, Carlos Bica, André Fernandes, Luísa Sobral, Alexandre Frazão, Reinier Baas, João Moreira, Ana Bacalhau, Mário Delgado, Bernardo Moreira, David Binney, João Hasselberg, Perico Sambeat, Mário Laginha , Ricardo Toscano, Eduardo Raon, Rita Maria, Diogo Duque, Mário Franco, Carlos Barretto, Jorge Moniz, Gisela João and Jeffery Davis, among many others. He has worked with Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, Orquestra Clássica do Sul, Orquestra XXI, Hr Frankfurt «Rundfunk Big Band (DE), Het Gelders Orkester (NL), in addition to several chamber music ensembles. He was the arranger of the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, “Amar Pelos Dois”, and was also the composer of the original soundtrack for the 2018 edition of the same festival. Luís Figueiredo holds a PhD in Music from the University of Aveiro, where he worked until 2019 as a Guest Assistant Professor in the jazz area.


Tiago Manuel Soares

Born in 1989 in Porto. He completed the interpretation course at the ACE in 2007 and began his training as a musician in 2003, in a traditional Galician percussion course with Maria Xosé Lopez Vilar and in 2019 he finished a degree in classical percussion, at the University of Minho, with Nuno Aroso. He held several masterclasses with big names on the international scene such as Trilok Gurtu, Yshai Afterman, Pandit Kishore Banerjee, Filippo Lattanzi, Mark Braafhart among many others. His main musical motivation lies in Portuguese rhythms and instruments. Fascinated by this richness of heritage, he gives equal importance to the vast legacy left to us, as well as to the construction of new approaches, where the study in the erudite strand and the knowledge of different cultures of the world helped him to open new horizons and possibilities. As a result of this symbiosis between different universes, he premiered, in recital, four pieces (by the composers Fernando Lapa and ngela da Ponte), interpreting works written purposely for himself and strongly inspired by the traditional portuguese songbook; one of these works, "Ensaio sobre Cantos IV", by ngela da Ponte, was one of the first two pieces for adufe and electronics to be created and edited. As a trainer, he teaches at the Limina school (contemporary percussion research center, under the direction of percussionist Nuno Aroso) and at the Cardo-Amarelo school (traditional music school). This year he is doing research for a book, which will be published with the support of DGARTES, about the musical culture of the Zés Pereiras between Douro and Minho. So far, he has published 20 albums and highlights his participation with the groups/artists Mário Lúcio e os Kriols, Gisela João, Viola Popular, Manuel Maio, Ensemble Portingaloise, Maria Monda, Retimbrar, Projeto Cardo, Pé na Terra, Toque de Caixa , Gambuzinos, Senza, Orchestra of the University of Minho and Orchestra Without Borders. ​He has performed in several countries all over Europe ( Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Spain), in Africa (South Africa, Reunion Islands, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde and Morocco), Asia (China, India, Dubai) and Oceania (East Timor).


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